CrokyTech is an event organized by Wameedh Scientific Club in collaboration with the National agency for promotion and development of technological parks.

The event will take place the 26th, 27th and 28th of March 2019 at the ANPT, CyberPark of Sidi-Abdellah, Zeralda, Algiers. Where the best Algerian students and Tech lovers will present themselves to live a purely high-tech experience.

The event consists of three main phases during which participants will be able to share, improve and develop their abilities. The first part will be devoted to a Hackathon where participants will meet to implement their cutting-edge ideas and projects for the whole 3 days of the event.

The second part consists of an Arduino IoT Open Source training for the first two days, that will be followed by high level challenges the third day (Third part).

Date de l'evènement



Technoparc de Sidi Abdellah